Our Commitment to


Sustainability is a commitment we aspire to every single day at Fil Doux Textiles. We’ve always been respectful to the environment, it’s part of the ethos of producing in South America, in everything we touch. We’re proud to have created processes to protect the natural beauty in the world around us, and the promise we make to future generations. 


We have partnered with One Tree Planted and committed to plant 1000 trees for every 1000 yards of Otratex sold. A living tribute to not only the Brazilian Rain Forest, but a commitment to our clients by doing more to know that their choices can leave positive effects on our planet.


All of our mills exclusively run on 80% solar or wind power. Our continued commitment to sustainability continues to shine brightly by using nature’s abundant resources of wind and sun to power our facilities. We’re proud to be on the forefront of reducing our reliance on combustion based electricity. 


One of the biggest polluters in our industry is the dye water used to produce the colored yarns in every fabric. Fil Doux committed over 50 years ago to reclaim, cleanse and reuse this dye water on site at our facilities, and what we can’t use, is sent offsite to be cleansed again before being put back in the waterways. Reclaiming dye water has saved billions of gallons of pollutants from entering our precious water systems.


We're proud to partner with Crest Leather to put emphasis on promoting ethical environmental business practices and traceability in our high-quality leather selection. The Crest Leather Group is Gold Rated from the Leather Working Group and successfully assessed at the highest possible standards with no hazardous tanning agents at all used during the process of producing our leather.